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Field Kitchen Unit
11/18/2019 2:46:48 PM
Field Kitchen Units are deployable feeding units, typically a trailer or tractor-trailer with accompanying personnel, set up at a stationary location to produce a significant quantity of meals.
Resource Category
Mass Care Services
Primary Core Capability
Mass Care Services
Secondary Core Capability
Resource Kind
Overall Function
Field kitchens provide a centralized food production site that prepares and serves food to survivors and responders, or for distribution by Food Service Delivery Units. Food service capabilities are based on a predetermined standard meal.
Composition and Ordering Specifications
1. The type of kitchen ordered depends on the number of meals needed 2. This resource is not recommended for short-term service delivery, and once this unit is delivered, it typically is not moved until demobilization
Supporting Core Capabilities
Component Notes  
Maximum Daily Meal Output Per UnitFood service capabilities are based on the volume of meals served with a serving size of (or equivalent to) an eight-ounce entree, six-ounce vegetable, and six-ounce fruit. Operational needs guide actual serving size provided during an incident/event.
Component Types
Type Attribute
Type 120,001+ meals
Type 210,001 - 20,000 meals
Type 35,001 - 10,000 meals
Type 41 - 5,000 meals
Management and Oversight Personnel Per UnitA NIMS Type 1 Field Kitchen Manager is a supervisor or manager certified to a nationally recognized standard of food service preparation as described in NIMS Job Title and Position Qualification (509-9): Field Kitchen Manager.
Component Types
Type Attribute
Type 1Same as Type 4
Type 2Same as Type 4
Type 3Same as Type 4
Type 41 NIMS Type 1 Field Kitchen Manager
Support Personnel Per UnitThe deploying agency determines the team structure and span of control for managers and staff, as recommended by the National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines.
Component Types
Type Attribute
Type 140 workers
Type 230 workers
Type 320 workers
Type 415 workers
FEMA, NIMS 509-9 Field Kitchen Manager
FEMA, National Incident Management System (NIMS), October 2017