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Mine Search and Rescue Technician
5/22/2020 12:09:12 PM
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NQS Position
Resource Category
Search and Rescue
Primary Core Capability
Mass Search and Rescue Operations
Secondary Core Capability
Resource Kind
Overall Function
The Mine Search and Rescue (SAR) Technician performs search, rescue, and recovery in various mine environments
Single resource
In conjunction with a NIMS typed team
NIMS Typed Team
Mine Search and Rescue Team
In conjunction with a NIMS typed unit
NIMS Typed Unit
Description Notes
Not Specified
Supporting Core Capabilities
Type Description
Type 1Same as Type 2, PLUS: Performs search, rescue, and recovery in active mine environments, including: 1. Firefighting and explosion operations 2. Bulkhead building and timbering operations 3. Post fire/explosion operations
Type 2The Mine SAR Technician: 1. Performs search, rescue, and recovery in abandoned and inactive mine environments, including: a. Technical rope operations b. Ventilation operations c. Small fire extinguishment operations 2. Works in or around mines with a National Incident Management System (NIMS) typed Canine Search and Rescue Team – Land Live 3. Provides first aid 4. Reports to a Mine SAR Team Leader, if applicable 5. Operates within the Incident Command System (ICS) in an entry level position within a Mine SAR Team 6. Operates in environments with and without infrastructure, including those affected by disasters and terrorism; with compromised access to roadways, utilities, and transportation; and with limited availability of shelter, food, and water 7. Provides: a. Safety of self and team members b. Basic medical care of self, team members, and survivors c. Simple decontamination of self and team members 8. Basic ground support capability for helicopter operations 9. Coordinates with ground vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft for support, transportation, and evacuation
Component Notes  
EducationNot Specified
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Not Specified
Type 2Not Specified
TrainingThe AHJ may require additional training capabilities and endorsements.
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Same as Type 2, PLUS: 1. AHJ-verified completion of training that meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA, ASTM, U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for the following: 2. Appropriate endorsements for SAR operations for specific types of active mines defined by MSHA
Type 2Completion of the following: 1. NIMS Type 2 Land SAR Technician training 2. State and local safety and health regulations 3. OSHA based coursework on: a. Annual hazardous materials first responder awareness b. Federal regulations related to environment for this type 4. Completion of the following awareness-level training: a. Hazards and safety in and around: b. Active mine environments c. Submerged environments, including stillwater, swiftwater, and dive operations d. Other various underground and confined space environments e. Related hazard and hazardous material guides and references 5. Initial response to an incident including: a. Size up and initial report b. Rescue vs. recovery assessment c. Pre-planning and emergency response plans for an incident Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)-verified completion of training that meets or exceeds a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) or ASTM International (ASTM) for the following: 1. Surface and underground communications equipment 2. Go/No-go processes at every level, ensuring personnel accountability, and tracking systems and checklists for surface entry and exit 3. Atmospheric hazards, gas/atmosphere metering, maintenance, care of equipment hazards, and safety and mitigation of utilities, such as powered, electrical, and mechanical 4. Additional resources for information, safety, and SAR for this environment 5. Environment stability and collapse hazards 6. Effects of air flow, current, and barometric pressure in the environment and related measuring devices 7. Ventilation needs and related equipment 8. General travel, exploration, route finding, marking, and mapping 9. Recognizing and mitigating self and personnel claustrophobia 10. Any necessary intrinsically safe, permissible, and explosion proof-related equipment requirements, per 30 CFR 23 11. Care, use, inspection, and maintenance of any required breathing protection devices, masks, respirators, and apparatus, per 30 CFR 23 and 49 12. Surface team makeup and tactics 13. Entry team makeup and tactics 14. Entry teams travel, unity, safety, and survival 15. Patient medical problems, care, and evacuation 16. Self-help and self-rescue, including sheltering and safe havens 17. Response to team members needing help in the hazard zone, such as MAYDAY and Rapid Intervention Crews 18. Endorsements, as required by the AHJ, for animal rescue in this environment 19. Endorsements, as required by the AHJ, for submerged operations, including stillwater, swiftwater, and dive operations 20. Environment stability and collapse hazards and mitigation 21. Personnel accountability and tracking system for surface and entry/exit, including use of entry and exit checklists 22. Fire and explosion safety training in the active mine environment, including mitigation and suppression, extinguishment methods and equipment, and post-fire and post-explosion safety actions Training specific to technical rope rescue needed in this environment: 1. Rope rescue equipment 2. Knots, ropes, webbing, and webbing characteristics and handling 3. Anchors 4. Belaying 5. Short distance ascending and descending a rope 6. Long distance ascending and descending a rope 7. Patient packaging and litter rigging 8. Rigging and operating raising and lowering systems 9. Low-angle or scree evacuation 10. Steep angle evacuation 11. High angle evacuation 12. Improvised rescue techniques 13. Highline and high directional rigging and operating
ExperienceNot Specified
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Same as Type 2
Type 2Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 1. Function at the Technician level 2. Identifies and applies the role of the Mine SAR Technician within the incident management structure 3. Knowledge of mine rescue and associated hazards 4. Knowledge of rescue procedures in the mine environment during day and night operations 5. Knowledge of canine search capabilities 6. Knowledge of use, care, inspection, and maintenance of all PPE, tools, devices, and equipment specific to this position 7. Carries out the following: a. Technical rescue operations b. Rope rescue c. Mine SAR d. Confined space SAR e. Machinery rescue f. Trench and excavation SAR Experience: 1. Scene management and dynamic assessment of risk 2. Mine SAR techniques 3. Identify hazards, including potential operating environments 4. Completion of the Mine SAR Technician Position Task Books (PTB) or equivalent AHJ documentation
Physical/Medical FitnessThe NIMS Guideline for the National Qualification System (NQS) defines Physical/Medical Fitness levels for NIMS positions.
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Same as Type 2
Type 21. Arduous 2. Meets minimum physical fitness and swimming standards, in accordance with the AHJ’s Job Related Physical Ability Test (JRPAT) 3. Maintains AHJ-determined physical fitness standards suitable for the environment and typing 4. Maintains immunizations in accordance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended adult immunization schedule for the United States of America
CurrencyProvider must carry out and use any background checks as applicable law specifies. This may include a background check completed within past 12 months; sex-offender registry check; and a local, state, and a local, state, and national criminal history.
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Same as Type 2
Type 21. Annual refresher of related SAR skills and abilities in mine environments 2. Functions in this position during an operational incident, planned event, exercise, drill, or simulation once every three years 3. Background checks as applicable law permits or requires
Professional and Technical Licenses and CertificationsThe AHJ determines the emergency medical certifications the technician needs to meet the minimum criteria, which can include first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and BLS.
Component Types
Type Criteria
Type 1Same as Type 2
Type 21. Certification or completion of mine SAR training that relates to the job standards 2. AHJ-required BLS-level medical care certification or recertification
Composition and Ordering Specifications
Discuss logistics for deploying this position, such as working conditions, length of deployment, security, lodging, transportation, and meals, prior to deployment
The requestor should consider the need for additional recognized capability or endorsement
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