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The Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT) is an online catalogue of national NIMS resource typing definitions, job titles/position qualifications and Position Task Books (PTBs). National NIMS resource types support a common language for the mobilization of resources (equipment, teams, units, and personnel) prior to, during, and after major incidents. Resource users at all levels use these definitions as a consistent basis when identifying and inventorying their resources for capability estimation, planning, and for mobilization during mutual aid efforts. National NIMS resource types represent the minimum criteria for the associated component and capability.

National NIMS resource typing definitions, job titles/position qualifications and PTBs are easily searchable and discoverable through the RTLT. They can be downloaded in PDF format or directly used by third party software applications using the available Web Services Application Programming Interface (API).

Resource Typing Definitions are provided for equipment, teams, and units. They are used to categorize, by capability, the resources requested, deployed, and used in incidents. Measurable standards identifying resource capabilities and performance levels serve as the basis for this categorization.

Job Titles and Position Qualifications are used in the inventorying, credentialing, and qualifying of personnel. Credentialing is essential in validating the identity and attributes (e.g., affiliations, skills, or privileges) of emergency personnel.

Position Task Books document the successful completion of tasks specific to a NIMS Incident Command System (ICS) position. The performance criteria for each position are associated with core ICS competencies, behaviors, and tasks.

RTLT includes a Web Services API in order for third-party systems to receive data from RTLT. If you manage or develop a third-party system and would like to utilize the RTLT Web Services API, visit the Tools page to learn more.