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    ID Type Name Resource Category Primary Core Capability Status Actions
    PTB-1030Position Task BookHousing Task Force Field CoordinatorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1031Position Task BookHousing Task Force LeaderN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1032Position Task BookHuman Services Disaster Assessment Team LeaderN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1033Position Task BookHuman Services Recovery Support Specialist (Type 2)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1035Position Task BookIncident/Exercise Evaluator (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1036Position Task BookIntelligence Group SupervisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1037Position Task BookIntelligence and Investigations Section Chief (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1038Position Task BookInvestigative Operations Group SupervisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1039Position Task BookInvestigative Support Group SupervisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1040Position Task BookLiaison OfficerN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1041Position Task BookLogistics Section Chief (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1042Position Task BookMass Fatality Management Group SupervisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1044Position Task BookMissing Persons Group SupervisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1045Position Task BookOperations Section Chief (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1046Position Task BookPlanning Section Chief (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1047Position Task BookProcurement Unit Leader (Single Type)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1048Position Task BookIncident Command System Public Information Officer (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1049Position Task BookResources Unit Leader (Single Type)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1050Position Task BookSafety Officer (Type 3)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1051Position Task BookScience and Technology AdvisorN/AN/APublished
    PTB-1052Position Task BookService Branch Director (Single Type)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1053Position Task BookShelter Facilities Support Team Leader (Type 4)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1054Position Task BookShelter Manager (Type 1)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1055Position Task BookShelter Resident Services Team Leader (Type 1)N/AN/APublished
    PTB-1056Position Task BookSituation Unit Leader (Single Type)N/AN/APublished